Discovering our world: Munich, Germany

Discovering our world: Munich, Germany

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Hello my dear readers,

Ready for another trip?

Today let’ discover Munich, Germany.

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Rich in gardens and royal palaces, Munich is a true architectural marvel. Surely you know it as the homeland of the Oktoberfest, but Munich is not only this, it is also culture with its art galleries of great importance, technology, sport and history, so much history, made of churches with bell towers that almost touch the sky, with commemorative works and much more.

Munich is a city that respects all the clichés that the collective imagination has attributed to it. Usually, when you think of this town protected by the Alps, cozy breweries and cordial faces comes to your mind, beautiful and ancient buildings that tell us of a glorious past.

Munich is exactly as one can imagine it: full of beer, history and friendliness. Can be defined without exaggeration as the “other” capital of Germany…

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