The Day of the Berliner

Today is November 11th. While we have Veterans Day to honor the American vets who have been on duty and fought many wars, let alone St. Martin’s Day to honor the man who helped the poor by donating his clothes, today is the start of Carneval season. From 11 November until the day before Ash Wednesday (Shrove Tuesday), people can indulge as much as they want to. The main symbol of the season is the Pfannkuchen, known to many as the Berliner. Its sweet but fattening taste is typical of the foods we consume in excess. This is according to religious tradition in German-speaking countries and regions.

Still the season doesn’t culminate until the time of Carneval season, which coincides with the Mardi Gras in the States. There is where the consumption of goods deemed unsafe according to religious beliefs is at its highest. And that coincides with the costumes we wear for the parade during that period.

With Christmas and Carneval in full gear, it’s no wonder that we need the season on Lent in order to shave all that fat off. But before we embark on that, let us dine on Berliners and think about the Holiday season that is right around the corner…..

…..and with that, Black Friday, long lines in the malls, finding a Christmas tree, worry about cookies and cooking…… 🙂

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