Borders to Bridges: The Answers to the Guessing Quiz

In connection with the 30th anniversary celebrations, here are the answers to the Borders to Bridges Guessing Quiz. You can also find this quiz and its answer sheet in the Menu under German Multicultural Topics and then 1989.

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

Co-produced with sister column:flefi deutschland logoBHC FORUMAnd now, after having looked and guessed at the bridges, here are the answers to the Guessing Quiz on whether the following bridges were part of the borders or not.  🙂 

Please note that information on the correct answers pertaining to the “border” bridges can be found in the links highlighted. Some of these bridges were documented by the Chronicles earlier in the year.


When the border and the Berlin Wall went up, many of the bridges that made up the border between the Federal Republic of Germany (West) and the German Democratic Republic (East) were closed down or even removed. Only a handful of crossings remained open but under stringent control by the East German border guards, to ensure that no one left the country who was not supposed to.

The question is: Which bridges were affected?  Look…

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