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Sparnberg Bridge: Swinging Between Border and Crossing?

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60543169_2487496021269356_7034162429386817536_o Sparnberg Bridge and Mill. Photos taken in May 2019

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SPARNBERG (THURINGIA); GERMANY- Approximately 1-2 kilometers west of the Rudolphstein Viaduct and the Motorway 9 between Berlin and Munich is a small village that has slowly but surely become the forgotten or even lost one. Sparnberg is located on the River Saale. Founded in 1202, the village used to have a population of over 400 inhabitants at the end of World War II. Today it has only 160. The town today is characterized by its small church and market square, a dam and mill that was created in 1999, a park that is just off the Saale Bike Trail and other hiking trails that careen the steep woody hills, and the key crossing between Thuringia and Bavaria- the Sparnberg Bridge.

60831355_2487501947935430_5515844232725659648_o The bridge and a piece of the wall that once stood- now a memorial

To understand the…

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