“One of us:” A Tribute to New Zealand


At the time of this posting, it will be almost two weeks since the massacre at two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, which left 50 people dead. The massacre was the result of an ultra-right nationalist from Australia, who wanted to spread his white nationalist propaganda to neighboring countries.

There have been many politicians who have tried to address the needs of the families and friends of victims of these heinous mass shootings. Some have focused on gun laws, others on mental health. But there are also some who turn a blind eye, even when the next of kin are suffering beyond comprehension.

Yet if there is a bright spot to all of this, it is the way the situation was handled: with professionalism, sensitivity, humility and in some ways, grace. These are the four characteristics of New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. When she learned of the shootings, she brought the country together, providing solidarity, unity and support for those affected.  She addressed the issue at hand and pushed through legislation to ensure there is no repeat. And lastly, as we can see in this speech, she left the door open for those who want to live here, stating that everyone is entitled to live in New Zealand. “You are one of us, no matter what background.”  One can analyze the speech but I won’t in this case. This is served as reflection on the events, a memorial to the fallen, a “Denkzettel” to those who still turn a blind eye and not care about others, and a sign of unity carried out by politician who believes in one nation for all. A professional matter that should put everyone on notice.


The Flensburg Files would like to provide support and condolences to the families and friends of those who were slain in Christchurch. May it be known that you are not alone. You have a voice and can turn the tide. You have the professionalism and can set examples. You have the heart and soul and can love one another.



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