The Daffodil Principle by J.A. Edwards; Read by Debbie Hayes


I would like to start this Genre article with a quote by Julia Soul about taking chances, which goes along the lines of this: If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances.  With spring coming around, comes a time when we need to take some chances in life. As each year of our lives passes, we realize that we’ve collected more missed chances and regret, while we receive fewer chances to make things right. Yet we never realize it until it is almost too late, and even worse, when someone points it out.

In the Daffodil Principle, the theme of the story has to do with chances and how the character who refuses to see the mountain of daffodils gets shown the picture by her daughter, and with that, a great smell of strong coffee and reality of how much she has missed and how little time she has to take chances.  This narrative was written by J.A. Edwards but I’m presenting this in audion form, read by British narrator Debbie Hayes.  Listen to it and think about the chances you have taken, the chances you’ve missed and most important, the chances you have left in your life to change it for your own satisfaction.

Enjoy this audio. 🙂



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