Christmas Genre 2018: Christmas Needs Not Much- Only Love- A Penny Grocery Commercial


Today is December 1st and like with the start of the Advents Calendar the Files has some surprises for you between now and the end of the holiday season.  It goes well beyond the Christmas markets that will be profiled for this year’s Christmas market tour.

We’re kicking off this holiday season with a tradition that has been in Germany’s television and also online- Christmas commercials with special meanings.  Most of these commercials are done by the food chains, like Lidl, Kaufland, Penny and Rewe, just to name a few. Yet other commercials of this caliber have been done by chains outside Germany, like John Lewis in the UK did with this ad in 2015 with the theme Loneliness.

While we provided a preview of the holiday through a healthy and energetic Santa Claus in the Kaufland commercial, this Christmas genre looks at another theme which is even closer to home than we think- poverty and the power of love.

In this commercial, the story takes place in a small, two-room house, where a single mom tries to make her son happy, despite struggling to make ends meet. When the boy was not allowed to go ice skating because of money, it broke his heart because he wanted a white Christmas. Not to worry, the mother had a grand idea to make her boy happy.  The rest is all history:


FlFi Christmas 2018