10 Techniques Every Teacher Needs to Know

In School, In Germany: I saw this as I was doing some research lately and it deals with the concept of classroom management, which includes more involvement of students, praising the students for their work and especially a personal journal about the students’ learning experience. These ten ideas are useful for both the teacher and the student (regardless of age). If you haven’t tried any of them, experiment. If there are some other ideas you’ve tried that Richard Rogers has yet to know about, tell him. Bottom line is you won’t know what works unless you try an experiemnet or two. Enjoy these ten ideas for the classroom. 🙂

Richard James Rogers

An article by Richard James Rogers (Author of The Quick Guide to Classroom Management)

Illustrated by Pop Sutthiya Lertyongphati 

I’m a big fan of books and articles that condense years and years of hard-earned experience into a few, clear, tidbits of advice that anyone can benefit from.

The aim of this week’s blog post is to do just that.

To set the context for today’s article I’ll tell you a little about me: I completed my PGCE in 2006, taught secondary science in the UK for two years before moving to Thailand to teach science and mathematics at international schools (along with a little German here and there). I’m now in my 13th year of teaching. In 2015 I published my bestselling book, The Quick Guide to Classroom Management, which has inspired thousands of teachers all over the world to make subtle little changes…

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