Mourner’s Kaddish- A Tribute to Pittsburgh

I learned about the mass shootings that occurred in Pittsburgh on the 27th of October, at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the suburb of Squirrel Hill. It was not far away from some of my friends who live there, one of them happens to be raised of Jewish faith. Still they are connected to the 11 people who were slain and six more who were injured, with family and friends, congregation members and the community traumatized. And as the world mourns the losses and brings people together, I found a Jewish poem that focuses on love and sharing, even in the time of one’s passing. It would be inappropriate to comment on this (as I have a couple pieces of work to follow) nor introduce the Kaddish further. Therefore, this piece is being presented, dedicated in memory of those whose lives were either cut short senselessly or were altered by the events forever. We must not forget that love will forever prevail over hate, no matter how certain people try. God bless you whereever you are:




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