America is a Gun by Brian Bilston


As we’re still answering (or trying to answer) a lot of questions as to how a 64-year old retiree could lay carnage with automatic weapons shot from a hotel onto a crowd of people, while praying for and providing love and comfort to families and friends of the 58 people who lost their lives in the worst shooting in US history, I stumbled across this poem an aquaintance posted in one of the social network group pages I’m in a few days ago. While we try and find constructive ways to toughen gun laws in the face of our current administration and the National Rifle Association, this poem sums up the culture that America has when it comes to guns.  Germans have bratwursts, soccer, handball, castles and the Baltic and North Seas, are obsessed with travelling and foreign languages and believe that peaceful negotiations are the key to success and harmony. Americans have one thing that makes them strong when in use but very feeble when trying to negotiate, and that is the gun.  And while we make our feeble attempts to crack down on gun violence and ban certain weapons, in the eyes of the outside and those whose lives are gone and whose families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintences are mourning and trying to answer the most difficult questions, the United States of America and its natural inhabitants are characterized by one element: the gun.

This poem is dedicated in memory of the victims of Las Vegas in hopes we can look at this, ask ourselves if this is what we want ourselves to be and most importantly:

Why?  😦  

sunset in memory


One thought on “America is a Gun by Brian Bilston

  1. Germany is also Antifa vs Pegida. AfD and SPD. With fortunate Jews in cages, and the unfortunate in graves. Drive-thru Christmas Markets.
    France is a coastal town, of tourists with a Sprinter mowed down.
    Greece is a dumptruck of national debt, defaulting and collapsing in on itself.
    England is an invasion, committed in countries all across the globe.
    Hungary is a border-wall erected to keep out refugees fleeing for their lives.
    Australia is a prison colony that has nearly exterminated it’s indigenous people.
    Japan is a tsunami of kamakazi pilots, whose planes have no landing gear and some of whose homes were vaporized.

    The response to the tragedy in Vegas is only beginning. We’re still learning the facts. The knee-jerk reactions are bullshit.
    This is more divisive bullshit, aimed at demonizing America.
    Sorry, but it pisses me off that people are so quick to try to exploit the victims of this tragedy by politicizing it in order to use it as a means to an end.
    The guy was crazy. Crazy people kill people. Guns don’t kill people. Do you know how many guns were used in the Christmas Market attack? In Nice? On 911?
    None. If crazy people want to kill people, they’ll find a way.


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