Literature of the Week:Warum der Esel Martin heißt – Neues von Martin Luther by Uwe Steimle

Guest column: 

In connection with literature and Martin Luther, we have a literary piece that I came across that one should have a look at. It is written by Uwe Steimle. Born in Dresden in 1963, Steimle studied theater at the University of Leipzig, having graduated in 1989, Steimle was a successful actor, having starred in the German mystery series Polizei 110, as well as movies like Sushi in Suhl- a film about a Japanese restaurant in the Thuringian town, which the character Rolf Anschütz created.  Steimle was also a successful author, having written Meine Oma, Marx und Jesus Christus and Heimatstunde.  This book of the week is his third. Published in 2016 on the eve of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther and his 95 Theses, this book is a collection of stories told by people having an association with Luther’s past in the places where the Reformer left his mark, such as Eisleben, Wittenberge and at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, just to name a few communities.

This review was written by fellow columnist Juliane Klingler, who writes for the Heldenstadtbewohner, a column which she and her husband Alex write about life in Leipzig and things people can do there, regardless of budget. The link is available here.

While this review is written in German, it is a rather short summary which will give you a glimpse on life in the Lutherstatdt, with some comments about Martin Luther and religion. I won’t go further but ask you to continue reading from here. A link where you can find out how to purchase the book is at the end of the excerpt.

Enjoy! 🙂


2017 ist ein Thema- ganz besonders hier in Mitteldeutschland- ständig präsent: das Reformationsjubiläum, der 500. Jahrestag des Thesenanschlags von Wittenberg.  Und Martin Luther? Der ist inzwischen überall präsent: im Film, als Panometer, auf Kaffeebechern und Spielkarten, als Puppe und auf T-Shirts. Etwas ist jedoch im Laufe der Zeit verlorengegangen: die restlichen 5 Thesen. Aber: sie sind wieder da! Gefunden von Uwe Steimle!


Mehr dazu/ More on that: 



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