Journalist Steve Buttry dies of pancreatic cancer at age 62

This tribute breaks away from the theme of German-American topics but focuses on the meaning of real news and the characteristics of a great journalist. A great journalist is a person who digs for truth, cutting away at the thorns of lies, deception and corruption, sometimes even risking his own life to get at the truth. A great journalist travels to great lengths, learn new cultures and shares his experience with other journalists and columnists who are starting their career or looking for guidance. And in the case of this journalist, he keeps searching for and dishing out real facts for people to think about, despite all odds, all the way to the very end. This Flensburg Files tribute goes out to Steve Buttry, who was unique in many ways. He survived two major cancers and other life-threatening ailments to surpass the feats of journalism that was set forth for him, when he started his career 45 years ago. Seven newspapers, one book, several workshops two blogs, 50 US states visited and hundreds of reported newsstories later, Steve leaves us with not only numerous accolades for his work, a legacy that will be next to impossible to surpass unless you read his work and large footsteps for people, like me to follow, especially in light of the problems we face today, such as fake news, alternative facts and a future that is unknown to this day and can only be changed if we go to the roots, look at the successes of journalists like him and dig for the truth behind the ills we face today or the places we never talk about. But doing it the Buttry Way. This tribute actually is a reblog to the tribute written about him from his own blog. But in either case, we are saluting him for his work, thanking him for what he has done and stand by the people whom he leaves behind with memories of stories and love- standing together so that we can pick up where he left off. God bless you Steve and many thanks for teaching us real journalism.

The Buttry Diary

sugartown-mug Steve Buttry

Steve Buttry, a journalist for more than 45 years, died February 19 at age 62 of pancreatic cancer, his third major cancer.

A memorial service will be held in coming weeks in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Details are pending and will be posted to this blog and other social media platforms.  The family requests that memorial tributes are directed to a scholarship fund created in Buttry’s honor at the LSU Manship School of Journalism.

Buttry spent most of his career as a reporter and editor, but achieved prominence late in his career as a newsroom trainer, then as an advocate for and teacher of digital journalism and media innovation and finally for blogging openly about his cancer treatment.

His first cancer, colon cancer, was detected early and was cured by surgery in August 1999, when Buttry was a religion reporter and writing coach for the Des Moines Register

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