Here’s a question for all expatriates working abroad: What rules at the workplace are different than the ones at home? Which ones did you find easy to adapt to? Which ones were the most difficult? And lastly, which ones do even the natives think should change? Working in Germany for the last 16 years, I’ve found that the workplace rules are well-structured and stringent- meaning that the work life and private/ family life are clearly divided, there are no exceptions to punctuality- sometimes being five minutes earlier is considered inappropriate, and if you don’t have the sufficient qualifications for a particular job, you can’t have it until you do. Here are the top ten workplace etiquettes people wishing to work in Germany should keep in mind, all of which I had to deal with in one way or another. Apart from what the website Goethe Does Atlanta have, what other rules should a person abide by or be aware of? Feel free to comment in the section below. Enjoy! 🙂 JS


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