2017: The Year of Luther


Many people know that the Lutheran Church was named after a monk who presented 95 Theses to the Catholic Church and as end result, was expelled by the pope in 1517. Yet what do we know about Martin Luther and his life? And how has his teachings influenced the Lutheran Church to this day? And while America has been traditionally known as the country whose culture is based on Christianity, how do they stack up to the Germans practicing the importance of Jesus Christ, especially as Lutherans because they make up for 70% of Germany’s population? As a side dish, how has Martin Luther influenced regions in the country, especially in the eastern half, where the religion had not been practiced prior to 1990?

This FlFi series looks at Martin Luther and his legacy in Germany, as we celebrate 500 years of his 95 Theses in 2017. Apart from looking at his masterpiece and the cities where he had his strongest influence- namely those in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, but also cities like Trier and Worms, we will have a look at how Luther has influenced the way Germans and Americans worship Jesus Christ, comparing traditions and trends, and looking at interesting facts that many people may not have heard of. For instance, what is the difference between Lutherans and Evangelicals, how did Luther celebrate Christmas in comparison to today’s Christmas, or how is Luther interpreted in the eyes of other generations, or what compelled East Germans to become Christians at the time of German Reunification and how do they view Christianity since then? There are also some interesting questions to address, like the definition of Indulgence and why is it still hated by Lutherans today, why have Fifth Quarters after every football game in some American communities, why Andreas Tag has been replaced with Halloween when it comes to trick-or-treating (not to mention also Reformation Day), how do you characterize a “Jesus-freak” or even more interesting: How christlich is a motorcycle club?

Interviews will be conducted with many who have done a lot of work in the field of Lutheranism, including pastors, historians and the common people. This includes inteviews with American and British pastors, who have made Germany their home, and their views on Martin Luther and the trends in Christianity, especially in Germany.

Yet that will not be all: author’s commentaries and interpretations, tour guides, literary works dealing with Luther and also activities dealing with Luther will be featured as we will celebrate his work and his influence on the church community, all 100% made in Germany! This includes links to podcasts from other channels that have done series on Martin Luther (albeit many are in German).

So sit back, take out the book on 95 Theses, turn onto some organic music by Johann Sebastian Bach, have some popcorn and beer on hand, and enjoy this series on Martin Luther and the establishment of the “real church,” at least from his perspective. 😉

Enjoy! 😀

You’ll find all the articles pertaining to Luther on the Files’ wordpress page by clicking here. You can also follow the Files on facebook, twitter or through subscribing to the wordpress page.

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