Genre of the Week: Last Note of Freedom by David Coverdale and Meryl Streep


On a crisp, cold morning, one man takes his dog through the valley. All covered in masks and coat, he searches for answers after facing heartbreak- a heartbreak of biblical proportions with more questions than answers. The only way to go on is going up. The question is how.

As 20 January, 2017 approaches us, we face this tragedy not knowing what will happen next to our lives, our families and even our freedoms. Do we fight the trend, go with it, ignore it or start over?

This is why I have two Genres of the Week with this particular theme: Fixing the broken heart with art, starting over from scratch, starting a new chapter knowing that once you’re at rock bottom, the only way to go is, indeed, up.

The first one was a speech by famous actress Meryl Streep, which happened as she received the Golden Globe Awards for Lifetime Achievement on 8 January, 2017. While she does not address the man leading the trend, she addresses the need to put an end to this intolerance, by mending and winning the hearts of those affected by this tyranny.  The second is a song produced by David Coverdale, the lead singer of the former rock group Whitesnake, which was a popular band during the late 1980s and early 90s. Entitled Last Note of Freedom, produced for the movie Days of Thunder in 1990, the melody of the song, combined with the lyrics also takes us to that time, but provides the listener with hope for something better, although the question is how to do this?

Although I normally would do an interpretation of the Genre, I decided to leave it as is and allow you to reflect on the two, allowing you to decide what to do when being in the situation as we will be entering in a few days: rock bottom and in the world of no hope or peace. It’s something a friend of mine once showed me last year while looking at a tragedy close to home thanks to a storm that caused widespread damage to a small town in Saxony. Better to think instead of comment, plan instead of bicker and most importantly, do instead of doing nothing.

And with that, I will do just that and allow you to reflect. God bless you.  ❤



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