CraZy Things Americans Do Europeans Find Weird

What are some pet peeves people have regarding Americans and their habits? Are they similar to the ones posted in this article by the California Globetrotter or do you have some more to add? If so, add them in the comment section either here or there. In the eyes of many Americans, there are some habits that Germans and Europeans have that are considered odd. That article will come soon. But check out this one first…. 🙂

California Globetrotter

IMG_6965 Picture from Flickr

When you still live at home, surrounded by other fellow Americans and you see someone put Ranch on their pizza, apologize too many times or go for a long road trip, you think nothing of it. These are just some of the natural things we do in America. It’s part of our culture.

But when you leave the States?

Everyone else just thinks we’re weird! Then they start calling us Crazy Americans because they can’t possibly imagine how good peanut butter and jelly go together and why we need two parking spots for our massive, fuel guzzling trucks.

Here is what I’ve learned that Germans, and the rest of Europe find weird about Americans:

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One thought on “CraZy Things Americans Do Europeans Find Weird

  1. I don’t agree with all of these, but! my kids and I did spend a whole day in a plane followed by a whole day in a car with friends to get to a wonderful vacation spot on the Outer Banks. At the end of that week, we drove for another day to get to the next spot and three days later spent half a day driving even further. My girls were astonished, and our European friends and family floored. It was totally worth it!


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