This last installment in the series on Germany and culture by California Globetrotter deals with the importance of learning a foreign language. Regardless of where you go and for what purpose, you will find that English is not used everywhere, and learning a foreign language opens more horizons than you think. Check it out as well as the basics of German expression in the comment section…. 🙂

California Globetrotter


My first encounter with learning a foreign language started at the young age of 8 or 9 when I temporarily had to go to a predominately Mexican school. I remember struggling to learn math because my teachers would often speak in Spanish. This was no easy task for a native English speaker. Needless to say, my math is terrible. But I remember the joy of standing in our school auditorium, wearing my best dress and singing Feliz Navidad fluently with the rest of my class at Christmas. Ever since, I have had a love affair with this song and languages.

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