Genre of the Week: The Arctic by Ludovico Einauldi


The Arctic Ocean, one of the last untouched natural habitats in the world. Enriched with fish minerals, it is being eyed by many countries and private companies with their own interest. Despite the advantages of exploration, the Arctic Ocean is a key player in the process of global warming, for sheets of ice have been melting at rates faster than what scientists have predicted in the past decade. This has raised water levels, caused destruction by super storms and flooding and have destroyed the livelihoods of animals and humans alike.

In an attempt to address this issue, the non-governmental organization Greenpeace has been campaigning to ensure that at least a portion of the Arctic is protected against the threat of exploration and overfishing. This included organizing a summit on the island of Tenerife most recently, which bore no fruit. In a statement presented by the organization, they claimed that a conference here in this circle would have been much more effective than on a sunny island laden with tourists. 

But perhaps this short concert by world-renowned pianist Ludovico Einauldi might bring the world to take a look at the landscape and see what can be done about it. Born in Turin, Italy, Einauldi has been a concert pianist for over 35 years, producing dozens of his own works and albums, as well as soundtracks for several international films, including   This is England in all three parts, Dr. Zhivago, Black Swan, and J. Edgar.  When taking a look at the video and listening to his music and the sounds of the sheets of ice falling off the coast of Norway, think about what this piece, the Files’ Genre of the Week, means to you and what you can do to help. Information on how can be found here.


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