10 Things to Think About Before Moving Abroad

When considering moving abroad, what reasons do you have to moving there? What are your expectations? Do you plan to stay there for a limited time or forever? And will you be able to blend in and make friends or stick out and become isolated? This article, written by the traveller known as California Globetrotter, provides you with ten of the most important questions for you to consider when thinking about moving abroad. Many of which I personall<y had before making that big move to Germany, which was the biggest investment to date. Have a look and feel free to comment on them….

California Globetrotter


If you’re thinking about selling everything, packing up and moving your life abroad, please do allow me to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve already made the hardest decision and let me just say now how amazing of an opportunity it is!

At some point in life, we all want to move away either to a new city, new state or even out of the country. Some plan years in advance and research where they want to move, some move after visiting a country and falling in love with it and others move impulsively. But there are always questions you should stop and think about before jumping the gun.

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