Tornadoes in Schleswig-Holstein

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At least two tornadoes reported near Schleswig (south of Flensburg). No casualties or damages reported

FLENSBURG- When it comes to tornadoes and waterspouts, they are spectacular but destructive weather phenomena that is foreign in Europe, and in particular, Germany. While Americans witness up to 450 tornadoes per year, most of them in “Tornado Alley” which stretches from Illinois through the Central Plains into Oklahoma and Texas, Germans may see one or two every two or three years. Tornadoes in the US can be destructive and cause tens of millions of dollars in damage, as well as hundreds of casualties. This is unheard of in Germany, although a destructive tornado levelled a forest east of the city of Jena in the state of Thiringia in July 2006.  Fortunately, only minor damage was reported to houses and property.

In the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, residents got a glimpse of an even rarer anomaly: two tornadoes equivalent to an F3.  Photographers and filmmakers were on hand to witness them, located south of Flensburg near the towns of Jübek and Schleswig, yesterday afternoon. With high humidity and temperatures between 28 and 30° Celsius (85-90° F) and thunderstorms in the area, conditions were ripe for a rare occurence. According to information by SHZ, no injuries or major damages were reported. But the tornadoes were in the vicinity of the windmills and powerline poles as they were making their way eastward before letting up. Two of the tornadoes merged into one near Schleswig, as seen in one of the amateur videos, producing hail and torrential rains. The newspaper Schleswiger Nachricht in Schleswig has a gallery of photos for readers to see. Click here to see them.

The Files has some videos of the action, some of which can also be found in the link:



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Rhine-Neckar Lions Win First Ever Handball Title

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MANNHEIM- Formed in 2002 thanks to the merger between Kronau and Ostringen, the Lions of Rhine-Neckar, whose main base is in Mannheim, located south of Frankfurt/Main, has been a handball team that has quietly climbed up the standings to the top four, stalking the teams of Kiel, Hamburg, Flensburg-Handewitt and Berlin like a lion, in hopes that it will get its kill in the end.

On Sunday, the team got its prey in the form of the German Handball League title, but just barely!

After winning the European Handball Championship in 2013, the Lions won their first German Premere League title ever on Sunday, by sending their opponents from Lübbecke on its way to the second tier of the League in style. Thanks to an aggressive offense led by Andy Schmid and Uwe Gensheimer, the Lions took the lead right away and never looked back, taking an early 6-2 lead and leading by as many as seven points at halftime (17-10) before putting the game away in the second half. The final score was 35-23. Lübbecke, which joins Eisenach in the second league in the upcoming season, could not find any answers to a hungry Lion offense, which pounced on them all day with several blocks and interceptions.

The Lions’ victory added the last nail to the coffin of Flensburg’s title chance. Despite SG Flensburg-Handewitt’s stunning 41-27 victory over the Bergisch SC handball team, the Albatross’ quest for their first title since 2004 fell just a point short of their goal. The team had split the series with the Lions during the regular season. Despite finishing as Vizemeister (the name for runner-up) both Flensburg and Rhine Neckar have automatically qualified for the Champions League in the coming season. Sadly for the Lions, the title was bitter sweet, as the team is bidding farewell to Gensheimer. After 13 years playing for his hometown team, he will play his next season at Paris St. Germain in the French League this fall.

Archrival THW Kiel finished third in regular season play, by beating Stuttgart 32-23. For the Zebras, they finished their regular without any championship title for the first time since 2003. Stuttgart wrapped up its first regular season in the Premere League and together with Leipzig, which edged Wetzlar 30-29 in its final game of its first season in the Oberhaus, will be competing for the Handball Crown come next season. The two teams finished in 15th and 11th places respectively.


The Files would like to congratulate the team from Rhine-Neckar on their first ever German Premere League title and wish them all the best in the next season. You guys deserved it! 🙂

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