Dear Truman, by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

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GUEST COLUMN: There was a small project that involved a baby named Truman, written on paper, giving him a look at life from the writer’s perspective. While most of us have seen the Truman Show with James Carey in the 1990, a film where a boy grows up in a dystopian environment. it does provide people with a look at the three forms of life we have in society: life the way we see it, life the way they see it  and life the way it is in reality. Ana Beatriz Ribeiro in her poem writes to Truman and shows him the life from her perspective and the life he can have if he knows how to handle it, all in a foretelling fashion…. 🙂

As a guest columnist, here is her poem. (Please note, this is the first half, with the second half to be found directly on the Leipzig Glocal page)


Dear Truman,

I’ve known you from the womb.
Seen you open your eyes
for the first time
and give your first step,

and I’m not the only one –
scores of people have.
I know the baseball cap
you always like to wear,

that your favorite colors
are indigo and red.
I’ve seen your first selfie,
with kindergarten friends.

Dear Truman,

I’ve seen the girls you date
and know the type
you’ll end up marrying.
Seen all your prom shots,

all soon to be memories.
I’ve gone back in time
to your first grade drawings –
time does seem to fly.

Please click here to read the rest of the poem. 🙂


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