Genre of the Week: Table for Two by Ed Lopez


There is something about jazz music that makes a person want to listen to it again and again. Jazz soothes the heart when it’s hurt, heals a soul that was damaged by betrayal. It can also serve as a new beginning- the search for love and a life that had never existed in the past but a person craves for until he/she finally has it. Jazz can serve as entertainment to many wishing for something splendid and serene at the same time. It can also serve as a love proposal to the woman the person is in love with and cannot let go.

Yet it can also be intercultural, as we see with this Genre of the Week and the song Table for Two, a jazz song produced and performed by Edu Lopez. The song takes place at one of the cafès in Leipzig and it is about a proposal to love a beautiful woman. The man sees the woman for the first time and invites her to a dinner for two, asking her to be his Valentine, leaving everything that has to do about life behind for a while.  According to Edu’s short biography (available on YouTube), this song was produced for Valentine’s Day and he chose the HomeLE café in Leipzig for the song and video because of its hominess.

Originating from Grenada, Spain, Edu self-taught homself to be a guitarist and jazz singer, and has had over a decade of experience under his belt, performing in Latin America, Argentina, the US, and parts of Europe, including Leipzig, one of his favorite places to perform. To learn more about his music and catch up on his dates of performance, please check out his website, by clicking here. A couple songs are available for listening as samples. 🙂

In the meantime, sit back, click on this video and think about the person you love and how you want to make something special. ❤ 🙂



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