Genre of the Week: Never in a Million Years by Laura Branigan


While writing my last piece for the Files, I had a craving for listening to 80s music and ran across this diamond in the rough. From the 1980s right up until her death because of an aneurism in 2004, Laura Branigan was one of the best female pop singers, whose songs reached the Top 10, including Gloria, Self Control, Solitare, Shattered Glass and this one, Never in a Million Years, released in 1989.

This about a man and a woman, whose personal encounter produces a romance that is untouchable. The woman is definitely interested in the man and wishes to hold him, yet the man is far apart and unreachable, whether it is physically or emotionally, pending on the context. It is a love that is out of reach unless efforts are taken to fulfill it. And that can be hard to do if either one is far away or not willing to commit to love- yet, that is.

This song is perfect for those who have long distance relationships, especially if one is in a foreign country and cannot see the partner for long periods of time. It is also great for people whose encounter with another person produces sparks that are difficult to explain, yet they cannot love that person for unknown reasons. Sometimes those people need time to ripen before they take that next step. Others were just not meant to be. All of us have had that encounter in one way or another. ❤

If you know someone who has been in a similar situation, maybe you want to give him/her some food for thought, with a reminder that you can find true love in a person, but sometimes it takes time, let alone many attempts to make it happen. This song has been in my top 100 of my all time list of love songs. But it could be that Laura steals your heart, even if she’s no longer here. This one is for her with many thanks! 🙂


Check out her website for more on her life and legacy: 

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One thought on “Genre of the Week: Never in a Million Years by Laura Branigan

  1. Did you know about Laura Branigan…she was born July 3, 1952 in Mount Kisco, Westchester County. She lived and grew up in Armonk, Town of North Castle. Where she attended middle school, high school, etc. By saying she was born 1957, her label wanted to create and setup a new biography of a much younger Laura. The problem was that 1957 was already occupied of Laura’s little brother Billy. He was born Feb 28, 1957 to be exactly. All this and more can be found on my site where I have published my research.


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