To the Teacher with Many Thanks


Leaving the halls of school

Forever into life

We remember the days of being cool

With a teacher being “alive.”

Alive because of her passion

Alive because of her taught lessons

Of life, of love, of happiness

To ourselves, our daughters and sons

Of being open and finesse

To those around us.



Leaving the halls of school

Forever into life

While our teacher taught us what is wrong and right

She also taught us how to be in the right

And respect ourselves and others

So that our lives will not be bothered

By those who betray and derail us

Or fatten or lie to us

Despite our own imperfections in our lives.



Leaving the halls of school

Forever into life

Our teacher that was an acquaintance

Was the one who became our mentor

And in the end, became our friend

Leaving footsteps and memories in our lives

While saying to each of us her good-byes

And setting off into the horizon

Where next day’s sun arise(s).


colo sunrise

Author’s Note: We’ve had many teachers in school and college who have come and gone, but only a handful have left footprints because of the difference they made in our lives. I had quite a few myself who contributed to making me who I am today. Therefore, this poem is for all the teachers out there with a special thanks for what they have done for us. Because of you, we have passed on the knowledge you gave us as children, along with our own experiences, to our children in hopes they can paint a future that is brighter and to their liking.   🙂

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