Year of the Beer Day 37: Ambrosius Klosterbier


Entry from 6 February, 2016

Our next beer on the beer tasting marathon takes us to the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and this Klosterbier, the Ambrosius. Considered a malt liquour because of its high alcohol and malt content, the Ambrosius beer is one of a half dozen types brewed by the Alpirsbacher Brewery, which was founded in 1877 by Johann Gottfried Glauner and is located in the Black Forest southwest of the city of Karlsruhe. Despite its reorganization in 1880 and again after World War II, the brewery has remained in the family ever since and employs 85 brewers. The Ambrosius is famous for two reasons: 1. It was named after a famous theologist and church reformer, Ambrosius Blarer, whose religious practices was famous in the southern part of Baden Wurttemberg and northern Switzerland, and 2. It is one of a handful of beers that uses Tettnanger hops, a special hops that is found in the Tettnanger region near Lake Constance and has a really mild but spicy taste when added in the brewing process. It especially showed when we taste-tested the beer.

Already based on its appearance, the beer had a clear, amber color with a persistent head. Its aroma was strong but somewhat sweet. It is unknown whether the hops had something to do with it or not, but there was a feeling that when drinking the beer, it would feature the secret ingredient, which would make it one of the top 10 highly recommended beers to drink while in Germany.

Sure enough, the hunches were correct, as the mild but spicy taste of tettnanger hops was recognized while drinking it. It had a combination of cinnamon and all-spice flavor, mixed with floral and earthen hops, thus making the beer rather herbal and spicy on one hand, but on the other hand, it left a mild taste. Part of that has to do with the addition of wheat malt and barley, whose concentration is more than the average pilsener.  The beer had an excellent craftsmanship and because of the secret ingredients, leaves a very long but warm  and mouthcoating after-taste, which makes it the beer to drink for special occasions, but also as a social drink.

Grade: 1,0/ A++   The Ambrosius is rare to find in Germany, and one can find it in an exclusive supermarket or beer outlet store. However, it is one beer one should try because it is tasty and it fits for any special occasion. Even without the main course, when drinking it with friends, you will not regret having tried the Tettnanger hops that is added into a strong, dark Klosterbier. You’ll not regret having tried it. 😀

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