In connection with the Intercultural Bloggers Conference a few weeks ago, Ana Bietriz Ribeiro of Leipzig Glocal presents an insider view of why people like to blog.

The Leipzig Glocal

By Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

_DSC2962 Me and LeipGlo partner Daniel Leon sitting in the audience of the Intercultural Bloggers Cafe as part of the Buchmesse’s Leipzig Liest. Photo by Stefan Hopf.

The phone rang. It was my fellow blogger and friend Jolanta Drywa asking if I wanted to head the first bloggers cafe at Poniatowski. For the Leipziger Buchmesse. I said an excited yes! and, in no time, was standing onstage with Marina presenting other local-based bloggers who would tell us about their blogging, interests and strategies. And making jokes out loud. And hearing nice things from readers in the audience about The Leipzig Glocal, and feeling a warm rush. And hanging out with other members of the LeipGlo team. And drinking beer. And thoroughly enjoying hearing the other bloggers.

But it wasn’t always like this for me.

The idea of social media and blogging was something I had…

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