A Butter Churn or a Plant Stand?

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Our next mystery article takes us back to Gotha and to this particular object. During my visit at the Christmas Market a few months ago, I came across this contraption located outside a restaurant that is adjacent to an Irish restaurant at Büttenmarkt. Looking at this first hand, it appears that the object is made of cast iron and, judging by the rust, is at least 70 years old.

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Yet judging its appearance, one can assume that it is a butter churn or a plant stand. It could be a butter churn because the vase section is large enough to add the ingredients to make butter, cream or other cheese products. Yet most butter churns are wider in size and this one appears too thin. Furthermore, the pole coming out of the vase is twisted, narrow and appears fixed by the vase cover. Therefore one has to look at the top end and see that there is another use.

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Here, one can see a pot-like figure at the top, where one can put flowers and/or plants in there. Problem with this theory is that the pot is too shallow for soil and therefore, plants would have difficulty growing. Secondly, if plants were to grow there, it would be a small one, which would serve as a decoration instead protection from the sun. It is possible that this top section could also be used either as a parasol or a heating unit using oil or charcoal as the source for keeping the customers warm at night.

Keeping the assumptions in mind, here’s a mystery forum question for you to mull over and discuss:

frage für das forum

What do you think this object is used for?

a. Butter churner

b. Plant stand

c. Parasol

d. Heating unit

e. Something else (Please specify)


Think about it and place your answers in the forum and comment sections. The map where the object is located is enclosed. Good luck and looking forward to your thoughts on this. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “A Butter Churn or a Plant Stand?

  1. D. Heating unit. Don’the know how it might’very worked, but looks remarkably like the outdoor propane heaters used at restaurants now.

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