Mystery Building 2: The Leipzig Market Station

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Our next stop on the Mystery Building Tour takes us to Leipzig and the Market Square. Of the three that exist (and where one can find the Christmas markets during the holiday season), the Markt is the largest, but is surrounded by five generations of architecture, including the historic Town Hall, which is now the city museum. During my Christmas Market tour I happened to stumble across the S-Bahn stop, located on the southern end, with a unique history in terms of construction and architectural design.

When walking down, the first impression is the modern design, using marble for construction and decorated with ornamental sculptures and lighting. One may assume that the S-bahn stop was built at the same time as the new line connecting Bayerisches Bahnhof in the south of Leipzig and Leipzig’s Central Station to the north of the city center- 2013. In fact, when looking inside, everything looks modern:

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Yet looking at the plaque enroute to the entrance, it explains a different history. The station was built in 1924 by the Leipzig Messe und Aktiengesellschaft.

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This made me scratch my head for according to the history record books, there was never a line going through Leipzig, for Central Station offered train services to Berlin, Frankfurt and Dresden, whereas the Bayerisches Bahnhof served trains heading south to Nuremberg, Hof and Munich. It was only through the underground connection that has been in service since 2013 that it is possible pass through the market square via underground.

This leads to the question of how this place came to being. Was this spot once the convention center in the city center (Messe) before being relocated to present-day Delitzsch (between Leipzig and Halle (Saale))? Perhaps a shopping area as the city had once been laden with shops prior to being bombed out in World War II? Was there even a plan to build a subway through the city, only to be halted because of the war and later the Cold War?

Inquiring minds want to know, so have a look at the map, check it out and place your ideas and thoughts in the comment section of the Files as well as the Leipzig Glocal. For the history buffs and those who know Leipzig well, this would be a venture worth discovering and discussing in the forum. So if there is history involved, we’re happy to read it.

Good luck with your research endeavors! 🙂



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