The world is a beautiful place, full of faces, full of joy, full of laughter and full of character. Each of us has a unique talent, one that is shared and given, but one that is accepted and loved. We are gifted in ways that we sometimes do not realize that until someone notices and embraces it. We try to make our talents grow without having to brag about it. We try to win friends without scaring them away. We try to be famous without being marred by scandals…..

Until it is taken away without notice.

Why do some of us have to leave so soon when……

we have a home to come home to

we have a family to be a family with

we have friends to be friends with

we have work to work off

we have a show to show around

and we have love to be loved by?

We may never know the why, the how and the what of our loss,

We may never understand the cause

We can only keep  in our own memory of all the things you have done

We can only remember you for what you have done

And left a mark in our hearts in the process.

For better or worse, for good times and bad,

For successes and failures, for happiness and sorrow

For a friend and for a foe, for a family and for a neighbor,

You made the best of your talent

But left us too soon, leaving us hollow.

We will remember your voice and your music

But will forever be speechless.


This poem is written in memory of a classmate who left us too soon. He was not only a popular figure in school in Minnesota, where I attended, but he was a gifted musician, who made the best of his talent and made many people happy in the process. Unfortunately, I was informed of his passing at a very young age. While he and I butt heads on occasion, he was a great person to hang around with in school and had wondered how he was doing since I graduated 20 years ago. For his work, this piece is for him. Click here to listen to his music and for those who knew him, like I did, may he be remembered for the best and worst of times, but most of all, for being a friend and a great.

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One thought on “Speechless

  1. Und darum geniesse ich jede Sekunde in meinem Leben und mache, was mir gefaellt und wo ich Bock drauf habe! Denn es kann so schnell vorbei sein! Ich bin dankbar für meine Familie, die Freunde und alle, die einen Teil meines Wege mit mir gehen!
    Bei dem Weg: Ich mag deine Seite sehr!
    Beste Gruesse!


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