Year of the Beer Day 33: Gessner Premium Pils


Day 33 of the beer-tasting marathon takes us back to the state of Thuringia, where we will be looking at some local breweries for a few days, most of which pride themselves on pilseners produced for locals and visitors in the region. This is because of the recommendations made by some people recently, some of them I had already drunk but decided to put them under the loop because of their high quality taste. 🙂

This includes this beer, the Gessner. Located in Sonneberg, near the Thuringian-Bavarian border, the brewery dates back to 1622, which was family owned, and the beer was brewed strictly based on the German Purity Laws. Given its proximate location at the foot of the Thuringian Forest, and the pure water and soil used for barley and hops, the use of pure ingredients made for a great beer. In 1997, the brewery was renewed and today, owned by the Schäfer family, the beer has racked up high accolades, including gold medals for their beer products by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for six consecutive years since 2010.

This includes the Premium beer, which if read, should be considered another award or beer of high rating to be added to the list of accolades collected already.  🙂  The  clear, straw-colored beer with its high carbonation count and persistent head may have a weak aroma consisting of bread hops and herbal hops, creating a good balance between sweet and bitter, the flavor of the beer, when tasted, is intense, with bread malt and a combination of floral and herbal hops, creating a bitter but herbal taste. When drinking the beer, one can tell that the beer has a full body with the beer tasting astringent but hearty, and the sensation being slick and mouthcoating. The beer has a smooth taste  and provides a good fill. It has a freshness in it, and one can tell that a lot of work was put into the beer, from planting the barley, to harvesting and using it for crafting a good pilsener, using pure water coming from the forest.  🙂

Grade: 1,7/ A-  The Gessner Beer is a great example of a local beer that only uses pure ingredients for crafting a good pilsener. Its high quality and great taste makes it one of the beers that is recommended when visiting Germany, and in particular, Thuringia. There is a reason behind racking up the gold for its beer quality, which is excellent. And the author is pleased to inform the owners, that he definitely agrees 100%. So keep up the crafting and selling and Prost! 😀


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