Year of the Beer Day 31: Fässla Gold Pils

fässla gold pils

Day 31 of the beer marathon and we are still in Bamberg, going only a few blocks down to take a look at another beer, the Fässla. Located along the historic Königsstrasse in the city center, the history of the Fässla goes back to the 1600s, when the brewery was first established- right after the 30-years war.  With the fighting parties drained of their resources, the Bavarians were in the process of picking up the pieces after losing many lives in the process. This included the people in Bamberg, and in particular, Hanss Lauer, who in 1649 established his own brewery business in a house that dated back to 1389- one of the oldest that existed during that time. Originally called Zum Heiligen Grab (The Holy Grail), the name was changed to Fässla after Paul Lutz bought the business in 1898. Despite changing hands once more in 1986, the name has remained ever since, The Kalb family still operates the brewery, but it also includes a bed and breakfast, a museum and tour guide, a restaurant and an educational institution, where people can learn the art of brewery.  With over 33,000 hectoliters of beer produced annually, the Fässla is the second largest brewery in Bamberg today, offering six different beers…..

….including this one: the Golden Pils! 🙂

There is a reason behind the slogan “Ein Schluck Bamberg!” The pilsener from Fässla stands out not just as a typical example of a pilsener, but one that is a Bamberger pilsener. Given the city’s location and the crops produced in the region, the Fässla Gold Pils is very attractive in its aroma and flavor, as each one has a grain malt and herbal with some floral hops to it. The intensity of the two are really strong, making it an excellent beer to drink. The beer has a clear light gold color with a persistent head, great carbonation and a great body, when drinking it. It has a mouthcoating and astringent taste to it because of the herbal hops in there, which keeps the beer from tasting bitter. Thanks to its craftsmanship and the beer’s freshness, the beer is definitely worth drinking. 😀

Grade: 1,3/ A : There is not much to say about the Gold Pils, except that sometimes a long family tradition in the beer business, producing the products on a small scale, can produce some great results. It lures people in to try the beer while touring the historic old town. It also lures the people in if they are interested in the brewery business. The Fässla represents an example of both and then some. It has a great marketing strategy, makes use of social media and uses images of Bamberg to make it stand out among beers in Germany. In the case of trying this beer for a birthday celebration, it had the Town Hall Bridge on there, which is almost 900 years old. 🙂 But the images should not be the only reason to visit Bamberg. There are several other ones, including the beer. And if there are two things one should try while in Bamberg, they are smoked beer and a Fässla beer. If you do, you are a true Bamberger. 😉

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