Year of the Beer Day 27: Ur-Krostitzer Pils

urkrostitzer pils

This beer tasting run, going on day 27, starts off with a good quote: “Great People make Great Beer and Great Beers make Great People.” Fame is achieved when making the best beer for the people to enjoy whereas some of the great beers people drink or brew make them the greatest.  And this is how the figure on the Ur-krostitzer beer products came about.

In 1632, during the 30-years war which Prussia, Sweden and France collided with metal hardware, horses as well as blood and sweat, King Gustaf Adolph II of Sweden with his men, made their way to the village of Krostitz enroute to Leipzig, bringing with them the know-how of making beer and a trunk full of goods left behind for the villagers. Thanks to their peace offering and for making a good beer, the king was given the Braumeister crown in a form of a gold ring provided by the villagers. 🙂 ❤  Whether his peace offering contributed to the end of the war in 1648 remains open, but it was since then the king has become a legend in the town near the present border of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt between Leipzig and Bitterfeld, and the he has become the face for the beer.

Although I have drunk the Ur-krostitzer pilsener on occasion since coming to Germany in 1999, some of the readers recommended evaluating this beer because of its taste. Henceforth, I decided to give it a try and see how this beer ranks up there with the rest of the German beers I’ve tasted since starting this marathon. 🙂

Upon appearance, the beer has a gold color with a great clarity and head. The carbonation is lively and the beer has a full body upon drinking it. So far, so good and so typical of a German pilsener. Yet the flavor of the beer and the taste far trumps the aroma as the last one was rather faint with bread malt and earth hops, this leaving it neutral. However, the flavor of the beer has a strong intensity but a neutral balance leaning towards the bitter side, as the beer has a taste of grain and bread malt as well as a herbal hops and a citrus flavor to it. That combined with a warming, mouthcoating taste makes the beer taste really nice, with a long finish and a real freshness to it. In other words, the beer is herbal but hearty, and the impression is the beer was brewed with care to provide an excellent taste to it. There is a reason why this beer is recommended to drink by the readers, as I’m hardly in a position to disagree.

Grade: 1,7/ A-: Ur-Krostitzer beer has an excellent image as far as beer is concerned. Thanks to the Swedish King, the beer stands out as one of the most highly recommended to try while in Germany. The brewery has four kinds of beer available, but one should try the pilsener first as it has a great taste and gets one’s fill in a hurry. This great beer goes together with its prestige regarding social responsibility. Every year since 2004 (in light of the 470th anniversary of its founding), the Ur-krostitzer Ring is awarded to a person(s) who has done research on the history of Mitteldeutschland (namely Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt). The brewery itself has a long tradition of inventing and innovating the products. Aside from the know-how given by the Swedes, the brewery is known for its Braunbier (pure barley beer), Doppelbier (stark beer) and Kovent (light (tap) beer. Add the dark beer and pilsener to the list and the brewery has reaped in fame and recognition for its high quality and great taste. This one to be included as well.  So Prost! 😀


FLFI 500 beer


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