Year of the Beer Day 20: Lübzer Premium Pils

lübzer pils

Day 20 of the beer marathon takes us to the state of Mecklenburg-Pommerania in northeastern Germany and the town of Lübz, located 30 kilometers east of the capital of Schwerin at the western gate of the lakes region, which includes Plauer See and the Waren region. Since 1877, the Lübzer Brewery has been producing a variety of beer and beverage products for the northern half of Germany, but especially for the state, as it is one of the most popular brands, which has sponsored various sporting events and the local leagues as a way of winning the customers.

As we are still on the subject of pilsners, a couple of readers suggested I try the Lübzer Pils to see how it tastes and if it is recommended. As I had written about the difference between pilsners produced in the northern half of Germany and those in the southern half (the difference is the water quality and the ingredients needed to make it half bitter and half herbal, as mentioned here), I decided to test the theory to see if this is true.  Upon examining the beer after pouring it, it had a clear gold-colored appearance with an average foam head. However the aroma and flavor of the beer are a different story.

Aroma: The aroma of the beer is neutral and has an average intensity. That means that the combination bread malt and earth hops aroma is not so strong but enough to detect the smell of bread, which is has that neutrality. The overall impression of the aroma is because of its neutral balance, it has no real smell to it.

Flavor: Upon drinking the beer, one can tell that more ingredients are needed, especially citrus and herbal hops for the beer left a rather chalky taste. Even though the beer tasted like there was grain malt and three various types of hops (floral, earth and herbal), it seemed that the beer had a stale freshness to it, thanks in part to the water used for brewing. The balance was really bitter and the taste of the beer was intense, which made it less appealing to the drinker. It seemed that attempts were made to craft the beer with different experiments, but in the end, the beer tasted too plain and stale. Some more work on improving the quality of the beer is badly needed in this case.

Grade: 3,0/ C  The Lübzer pilsner represents a classic example of a typical northern German pilsner brewed in the region, and some people may take a liking to the beer. However, in order for it to be more attractive, more body is needed because it was rather watery, more flavor is needed because it was stale to bitter, and there needs to be more freshness to it. Many breweries have crafted pilsner beers that fits these characteristics, even the northern beers. Perhaps by reading the examples coming forth, the brewery will understand what is meant by that and work on improving its quality. Its marketing strategy, including its sponsorship is great. The real quality of the beer needs to match its image. As Buddy Kane in the film American Beauty quotes: “In order to be successful, one has to project an image of success at all costs.”  Think about it…… 😉

FLFI 500 beer


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