Year of the Beer Day 19: Sachsen Krone Pilsner

sachsen krone pilsner

Beer and Köthen are two inseparable terminologies that make the town and its brewery famous. Located near Halle (Saale), Magdeburg and Dessau-Rosslau in almost exact kilometers, Köthen’s tradition with beer started in the 900s AD, where the walled city had a monopoly on the beer market. That means only one beer was made and marketed in and around the city. This law took effect until 1839, when a new law in the Kingdom of Anhalt, replaced this outdated law, and encouraged other breweries to compete with the beer produced in Köthen. In 1861, Friedrich Dambacher founded the Aktien Brauerei Cöthen (ABC), which crafted beer inside the walls of the city for another 173 years, until the brewery moved out of the walled city and to a new brewery and logistics center in the outskirts of the city in 2003 under the name Köthen Brewery Company. The brewery produces brands of Köthener Bier as well as Hubertus and up to now, this beer, Sachsen Krone.

It is unknown when the Sachsen Krone was brewed, but research is pointing to its origin to Saxony, and it was the Köthen Brewery, located in neighboring Saxony-Anhalt that took over the business and moved it to its current headquarters in Köthen. Given its ideal location in the fields, where barley and other grains are grown, this makes sense. Yet where in Saxony did the Sachsen Krone Brewery exist remains a mystery.

We do know that the Sachsen Krone, up until now is one of the best German pilsners I’ve tried. With 5.1% alcohol, a brilliantly clear straw color, a persistent head, its super freshness, and its full body, they are all typical of a pilsner beer- or what it should be, at least. The beer has a strong aroma that consists of grain and bread malt, plus earth hops, creating a rather even balance between sweet and sharp and a smell that is a bit on the nicer side. The beer has a really mild taste to it; it is not so intense like other beers. The flavor had a mixture of grain malt as well as herbal and earthen hops, thus having a nice taste when drinking it. When drinking it, it has a warming and mouthcoating sensation, but it is refreshing, which makes the impression that the beer is well brewed and the overall taste is really good.

Grade: 1,0/ A+: Sachsen Krone has received many rave reviews for its high quality beer from many independent sources. This one definitely goes with its storied resumé. As mentioned earlier, sometimes the quality of the water and the crops play a key role in a good beer. With its soft sweet water, combined with good fertile land in the central part of Germany, the Sachsen Krone received top marks for its high quality taste and its appearance as a typical pilsner beer with some features worth trying when buying a beer next time. It is unknown where a person can find the brand or how long it will still be on the shelves, but regardless of its future, Sachsen Krone should be looked at if one wants to try a real pilsner and cannot get the Urquelle. One will not regret it in the end! 😀

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