Year of the Beer Day 16: Grohe kleines Helles


Day 16 focuses on the last beer before entering the series on the pilsner, and it takes us to the Grohe. Founded in 1838 and located in Darmstadt, the Grohe Brewery was originally known as the Erbacher Hof before Gabriel Grohe bought the business in 1899 and changed the name to reflect the family business. Despite the brewery being completely destroyed by airbombs during World War II and having to be completely rebuilt, the Grohe remained in family hands for over 90 years before Wolfgang Koehle too over and has since run the business using the family name. The Grohe, which has seven various beers, is only one of a few left that crafts beer by hand and not through automation.

One of the beers I tried was the Grohe Helles, which was considered an Export beer until 2008 but is now a golden draft beer. While the beer has a dull gold color with a persistent head, the quality of the beer was not so great upon tasting it. While the aroma of the beer was quite neutral, the flavor of the beer was string and really bitter, for while the beer had the ingredients of grain malt, earth hops and 5.1% alcohol content, there was the impression that it was too watery for my taste, but not the barley-flavored water as I experienced with Sachsengold. It had a bit of spice and dryness, which was noticeable on the tongue. It was as if the person crafting it wanted to make a combination of pilsner and tap beer, which has better examples in other German beers. The Grohe is better than many American beers I’ve drank, but one should make the decision between a real pilsner and a tap beer.

Grade: 4,0/ D: I’m going by the scale where 4,0 is the cutoff for passing and anything less is failure. It could have gone lower with a 4,3 or 4,7 if I did the model that way, but in any case, it is better than failing. The modest grade serves as a reminder that there is room for improvement on crafting the beer to satisfy the consumer.  So keep trying, you’ll improve your customers’ taste soon enough. 😉

FLFI 500 beer


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