Guessing Quiz Answers: (New) Ulm


After reading about the history of New Ulm in Minnesota and comparing the city to the German counterparts, let is take a look at the answers to the Guessing Quiz looking at the two cities and comparing what they have:

  1. What characteristics do the two cities have? Determine which of these belong to which town, by marking NU-G (Ulm/Neu Ulm), NU-US (New Ulm, Minnesota) or both.

          a. Cathedral:  NU-G- the Ulm Minster is located in Ulm and has the world’s highest steeple

b. Fort:  NU-G: The Kienlesbergbastion is a fortress located on the north end of Ulm. It was                part of the walled city until the early 20th Century

c. University:  Both. Each city has one university: New Ulm has a private college named                           Martin Luther, Neu Ulm has the University of Applied Sciences and Ulm has the University.

 d. Railway station: NU-G: The metropolitan area has two stations: Ulm Central (where                          all ICE and international trains stop) and Neu-Ulm Regional (where regional and                                 Inter City trains stop)

 e. German-Bohemian Monument: NU-US: Located on German Street, the monument                               was built in 1991 and is dedicated to the Bohemian immigrants who came to New Ulm                       by boat. They spoke Bohemian German and were mostly Catholics and farmers

 f. Hermann the German Monument: NU-US: Overlooking the Minnesota River, the                                  monument was dedicated to the Sons of Hermann fraternity organization, whose                                majority of the members had settled in New Ulm in 1885

g. Professional Soccer Team: NU-G: The SSV Ulm Soccer Team can be found here. Once one of              the darlings in the Bundesliga, the team currently plays in the South Division of the                              Regionaliga.

h. Brewery: Both. Schell’s beer is found in New Ulm, whereas Golden Ox Brewery is found  in                 Ulm. Both breweries craft various kinds of beers and ales

i. American Street-Style Pattern: NU-US

j. Streets named after American celebrities: Both. While New Ulm has streets named after George       Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Payne, Neu-Ulm has a wide           selection of streets named after other American celebrities, such as Thomas Edison, Martin               Luther King, Benny Goodman and Glen Miller. All are in the Wiley district. 

k. Oktoberfest: Both. 

l. Christmas Market: Both. New Ulm has the Christkindlmarkt, which is held on the                                 weekend after Thanksgiving. The Christmas markets in Ulm and Neu Ulm are month- long             events lasting from mid November to 22 December, while the one in Neu Ulm is a  Medieval             Christmas market.

m. Canals: NU-G: Ulm has a series of canals that go through the Fisherman’s district and city                 center from the Danube River. 

n. Fachwerkhäuser: NU-G: Ulm is loaded with trussed houses dating back to the 1700s, many of          which are restored and inhabitable. The most unique is the Leaning House (Schieferhaus), the        only one of its kind in the world. It is along the Blue Canal and is a bed and breakfast.



ANSWER:  Wiley Water Tower. From 1945 until 1991, the US Army was stationed in the now Wiley District in Neu Ulm with the purpose of protecting West Germany from a Communist attack and rebuilding the city that had been in shambles since the firebombings of 1944. After the military left post, the baracks were rebuilt to accomodate housing. This included the establishment of the University of Applied Sciences in 1994. The future of the water tower, found at Washingtonallee, is in question for even though it is considered a landmark for the Wiley district, plans are in the making to expand the university, and many city officials consider the tower a piece of rust that is an eyesore and needs to be torn down. The debate still lingers but there is hope that with the expansion of the campus the tower will remain as is. An article on the debate can be found here.



ANSWER: The Glockenspiel Tower in New Ulm. Located at the north entrance to the city center along Minnesota Street, the tower is considered a standing carillon clock tower, one of only a handful left in the world, with a height of 45 feet. The clock plays Westminster chimes every hour and a concert every three hours during the day. It is unknown who built it and when but it is located in Schonau Park and is one of the city’s key wonders.


QUESTION: Both New Ulm and Neu Ulm/Ulm had their share of conflicts that affected their way of lives. Minus the two World Wars, what wars were the people involved in?

New Ulm- Dakota War of 1862. In August 1862, a band of Dakota Sioux Indians attacked several villages mainly along the Minnesota River in the nearly two month affair. This included two attacks on New Ulm on the 18th and 23rd. 60 settlers were killed and 190 were injured. There were unknown numbers of casualties among the Indians. The town was evacuated after the second attack with settlers living in Fort Ridgely until the war ended. 38 Indians were lynched in 1863 and the remaining tribes were forced to leave Minnesota for the Dakota territory shortly afterwards.

Ulm/Neu Ulm- Napoleon’s Conquest. While the town was beset by French and Bavarian invasions in the 1700s, the biggest war prior to 1900 was Napoleon’s conquest of Ulm in 1805, where Austrian General Mack was surrounded by his troops before he surrendered. After the French were eventually beaten back, Ulm was split into two in 1810, with the Danube being the divisional point. Ulm became part of the Kingdom of Baden-Wurttemberg while Neu-Ulm became part of the Bavarian kingdom. This two-city solution remained as is, even when Germany was created in 1871

Celebrities: Click here and here to find out which celebrities lived in the two cities. There are many of them, some of which were mentioned in earlier articles.



Gallery of Photos of the German Counterparts, Ulm and Neu-Ulm:

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