Year of the Beer Day 15: Astra Arschkalt Beer


Author’s Note: This was written in connection with the beer tasting experiment, which was done on 15 January 2016- the fiftteenth day. 🙂

Day 15 starts off with a nice quote that fits nicely to the winter weather in January. Snow plus beer equals- Arschkalt (icy cold in the tail)! 😉 Astra beer, originating from Hamburg’s suburb of St. Pauli, has its origin from its days known as Bavaria-St. Pauli, when it was established in 1647. Since 1909, the brewery has carried the name Astra, and its slogan “Was dagegen?” (Anything against that), plus its heart-shape logo has been running strong since 2008. Astra is well-known for the younger generation, especially among college students in Germany. One will find them on sale at restaurants, cafés and even small eateries that accompany mainly college students and others ages 30 and younger. More information on its history can be found here.

Like the Lammsbräu, the Astra has gone radical in terms of creative beer flavors, including this one, the Winterfestbeer. Found among the store shelves, I found it at the most perfect time, as it was a couple days before the snowstorm and subsequentially, cold spell which is giving the German fits. How? We had a tropical Christmas and a spring-like New Year’s- so Old Man Winter is no longer invited. He invited himself and we’re freezing our pos off! :-/

Anyway, the Arschkalt is similar to the Glühbier, a mulled flavor beer with spices, only that it is wise to drink it cold to warm up. At least, that was my impression. When drinking the dull, copper-colored beer with a persistent head, one can tell that the aroma and flavor are both super strong, resembling an ale flavor with flavors of grain, toast and nut malts as well as floral and herbal hops and corn flavor. The alcohol content is 5.9% which makes the beer taste not too bitter but herbal. The beer leaves an astringent and somewhat prickly taste when drinking it, yet it is not bitter, like some other brands, leading to the conclusion that the ale product is definitely worth drinking, especially in the winter time.

Grade: 2,0/ B: A solid beer with good craftsmanship, the Astra Arschkalt is not just a winter beer, as seen with some other examples. It has an ale taste that makes the beer part herbal and part bitter. For those with a sweet tooth, this beer is not recommended unless you want a shock to the system to warm up. For those who fancy an ale, it’s perfect for the winter time. And for those who are Astra fans, you can give them the seal approval for a creative mix worth drinking. So without further ado, wasail to winter. Share one with your friends and warm up with some chats and entertainment. Prost! 🙂


FLFI 500 beer


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