Year of the Beer Day 14: Lammsbräu Winterfestbier

neumarkter lammsbräu winterfestbier

“With the winterfest beer, we are offering the customers during the holidays an exceptional taste that is characteristic of our high quality organic (bio) beer.”- Susanne Horn, President of the Lammsbräu Brewery

Since 2013, the winterfest beer has been in the market on a seasonal basis, produced by a local family-owned brewery in eastern Bavaria, Neumarkter Lammsbräu.  Founded in 1628, the brewery, located in the town of Neumarkt/Oberpfalz (east of Bayreuth), is currently owned by the sixth generation of the Ehrnsperger family, the original founders. For 30 years, the Lammsbräu has been producing beer using organic resources that are free of harmful substances. It was the first beer to be certified as organic in 1992 and since 1995, all beverages- beer, water and other beverages- are 100% organic, thus making it the first of its kind in Germany and one of just a handful that exist. The Lammsbräu is also very creative when it comes to crafting beer, especially when one can indulge in a Lammsbräu Blond (gold draft beer), Dinkelbier (spelt beer), light wheat (Leichte Weisse), and this one- the Winterfest beer, which contains a flavor of honey and plum.

This was the beer that I decided to put under the loop. 🙂

Given its  dull copper color combined with a grand head and a full body, the beer was very promising in terms of appearance. Sometimes great looks have great taste, when it comes to drinking beer.  As far as flavor and aroma are concerned, I found that both had a fairly good balance between sweet and bitter. This has to do with the fact that the plum and honey flavors- historically being sweet, being compensated by the herbal and earth flavored hops as well as bread and toffee malt flavors as well. This creates a rather nice creamy taste when drinking it.The alcohol content is 5.6%, which is high for a beer.  The freshness of the beer was outstanding, but much of that has to do with the fact that the beer is crafted in the summer and left to ferment in a cool cellar for 4-5 months before being taken to the markets before Christmas.

Grade:  1,7/ A-  Overall, the beer lives up to its reputation as being a 100% pure organic product, and a creative one, as well. While having a plum and honey taste may be unusual to the consumer- and I was taken aback on the taste when drinking it for the first time- the beer is a great example of one that has a sense of creativity and great craftsmanship. The Lammsbräu produced over 70,200 hectoliters of beer and 76,000 hectoliters of non-alcoholic beverages in 2012 and has become a powerhouse regarding not only producing beer in the region, but also organic beer. 🙂

Lammsbräu has also been active in the social scene, where the brewery has awarded a sustainability prize to companies and organizations engaged in social activities and sustainable environmental activities. It has been involved in a campaign to protect the Beer Purity Laws by banning genetic goods from entering the food chain. Two examples of what the brewery is doing to protect and support the environment. This beer is a testimony of what a brewery should be about- creatively brewed using organic materials that are 100% pure. This is something that we are lacking with all the conglomerates existing globally.

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