Year of the Beer Day 11: Reichenberger Schankbier


Day 11 (Monday) of the beer tasting marathon takes us to an unknown beer brand that was found by accident while shopping for some brands to try out. How often can a person find a beer in a grocery store like this one: The Reichenberger Helles Schankbier, a typical example of a tap beer one can find in Germany- yet one that is RARE to find?

Sometimes an unknown beer can be the greatest beer when drinking it to the last drop. This is one of them. The brewery itself is an unknown which makes this a rather mysterious beer to try. The Karlex Group, which is based in Berlin and founded in 1991, is the maker of this rare beer. Yet there is nothing much to say about the group at all, let alone if the Reichenberger had existed prior to the Fall of the Wall. If anybody would like to share some information on the history of the Reichenberger beer, please feel free to send me a line or add your info to the comment section at the end of the article.

What I can say about the tap beer is that it is much better and much more balanced in terms of taste and aroma than the Retter I had tried a couple days earlier. While the straw color is atypical of the tap beer (it’s usually gold in color), the beer has a very intensive but balanced flavor, combining the malt flavors of grain and a bit of nut and herbal hops. It had a really persistent head upon pouring it into the glass and has a lot of carbination , yet the beer has a real freshness in it which makes drinking it at a party a joy. Not bad for craftmanship there. 🙂

Grade: 1,7/ A- : Nothing more to add about the beer except its missing history and its rarity. The beer has a potential to expand further if the brewery wishes to market it, but sometimes an unknown can be a great thing. Try the beer and check it out for yourself. 🙂

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