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Wrapping up the five-years of the German-American Online Column, the Files has some of the awards to give out. While many of you have read up on the articles written by the author, we’re looking at the Top Five, meaning the top five articles in three categories that you would like to see again. This includes:

The Top Five Christmas Markets visited by the Author: If you were to recommend five Christmas markets in Germany and the US, which ones would you recommend and why? You have five votes  for this category. The articles and photos of the markets you will find under Tourism Guide under the category Christmas Markets

The Top Five Genres: Reviewed by the author and other guest writers, which of the genres would you recommend a person to read and/or watch? This includes using them for the classroom. You will find the reviews under Literature Tips and Genres. The voting is unlimited here due to numerous entries, so you can vote as much as you can.

The Top Five Works by the Author: Based on a collection of selected works published in the Files since 2010, which one stands out the most and should be presented to the public in the future? The limit is five votes here and you will find them also in the Literature Tips and Genre but also in Foreign Languages with the title written by the author.





Between now and February 1, you have a chance to vote your top five in the three categories. Click onto the Poll Daddy ballots and start voting. The winners with the prized works will be announced February 2nd.  The Files wishes you best of luck with the voting process and feel free to contact the author in case of problems with the voting. 🙂


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