New to the Files in 2016



When Old Man Winter is away, the critters come to play. As 2015 comes to a close on a rather mild note, when looking at the current weather in both the USA and Europe (tropical weather in Germany, flooding in northern Europe and the central part of the US, and winter wonderland in the previously dry California, Washington and Oregon), and many of us have some interesting Christmas stories similar to what is told in the eyes of four German violinists…….  🙂


….2016 promises to be a better year. Some of us have already received predictions of the upcoming year to be the year of love, money and happiness, yet in light of what we have seen in 2015, it is hoped that the deeds done in the new year will erase the ones committed in the past for all of us, not just the select few, right? 😉

As for 2016, here is what is in store for the Flensburg Files- at least for the first half, that is……:

  1. The year of the beer: The biggest story of this upcoming year will be the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot, known in English as the Beer Purity Law, enacted in 1516 in Bavaria, which applies to the crafting of beer in Germany. To celebrate this special occasion, the author will taste-test one beer a day for the entire year. That means 366 different types of beer in 2016, which he will critique and post in the Files- both in the areavoices as well as in the wordpress versions. Some of the beers that will be tried will be popular, but there will be many microbrews that are less known but are worth trying while visiting Germany. Some themes will be introduced and some breweries will be profiled, yet if you know of a German beer that the author should try, please feel free to mention this.
  2. Germany at 25 and Things to know about German States will continue its running as both have been popular during all of 2015, plus there are some themes left to cover. Most of these will be in the Files’ wordpress version, although a sneak peak will be presented in areavoices. A list of themes and states already covered can be found here.  The next German states up for the quiz round beginning in January: Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony.  Also continuing its run by popular demand is the Genre of the Week featuring works by many people that are worth recognizing, as well as some from the author.
  3. A new page focusing on Americans living in Germany will be introduced  based on the interviews done/will be done with Americans who have been living in the country and making a living there. Already we had eight people interviewed with the sixth one to be posted very soon. Another two will be included in an article about a particular German town by the sea. The interview posted includes one of that fabulous foursome from that small Minnesota town. It is hoped that more Americans have a chance to talk about their experiences living in Germany and why they choose to stay.
  4. Apart from German-named villages in the US, a look at Flensburg in Germany in comparison with the one in the US will be featured later on in the year. The author has collected a lot of information about the two and is looking at writing about “The Tale of Two Towns.”

And lastly, the Files will be expanding in terms of social media, going beyond Twitter, facebook and Google-plus. More details on that will come once the Files enters another social media platform.

Reminder that you still have a chance to enter your photo, video, and/or story for the Top Five Award, presented by the Files. The deadline for entries is January 6th with voting to commence afterwards. Much of this is in connection with the Files’ five years in the business. To learn more on how to enter, click here.  Sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is also taking entries for the 2015 Ammann Awards. Deadline for that is also January 6th with voting to commence afterwards. To learn more on how to enter, click here.

The Flensburg Files and sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles would like to wish all of you the best this holiday season and a happy new start in 2016. See you next year and stay tuned, some more stories to come in the Files. Now off to shoot some fireworks and party! 😀


five years flfi


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