Genre of the Week: John Lewis Christmas


Not far behind in the competition is another film that deserves public attention and accolades, and this is one that addresses another dark side of Christmas. While the Edeka commmercial (shown here) focuses on the value of family, this commercial, produced by the British retailer chain John Lewis, focuses on the theme of loneliness in general. In this clip, we have a girl in a big city in a family where one does his/her own thing and does not pay attention to her needs. She feels lonely and somewhat unloved. Then one day, like looking through a telescope, she discovers an old man on the moon, millions of light years away. Like her, the old man is alone with no one to talk to, and very sad. :’-(   While he is unaware that he is being  watched, the girl finds him, shares his pain of loneliness, and tries many things to get his attention, to show that he is not alone. She succeeds in the end but in a fashion as seen below:

This story reminds me of one time, a while back while teaching at the university, I met a pair of college students- one male and one female, who came from two different areas of the world. The girl was from eastern Germany, the boy from Russia near Moscow. Both were very lonely and had a hard time making friends. The Russian tried to reach out to the German and open up. No matter how hard he tried, she was cold as ice and stiff as stone to him, as if she was afraid of him. After many attempts to communicate with her (which she didn’t like chatting), he gave up but not before telling her, “It never pays to be choosy. Sometimes you need to open up to those in need, just once, to understand a person and love him for who he is.”  A couple weeks later, she invited him to the Scottish evening dance at a lecture hall not far from where my office was located. It was afterwards that they opened up and became friends. ❤ 🙂

Loneliness is a commodity that no one really needs to suffer. Many of us are lonely for a reason. Some are that way because they lost their loved ones. Others because they are strangers in a new environment  with no people to talk to. And then there are some with many problems in life that they cannot handle them. In either case, sometimes it pays to spend some time with the lonely ones, not just to be there, but to understand the person’s story and find ways to help that person find his/her way to happiness. Christmas time has always been a season of perpetual hope and by showing kindness, no matter how far away the person is or what circumstances or background the person has, shows a long way.

John Lewis has long since been known to have spectacular Christmas commercials in the past. However, this one, together with the previous profile, may have cleaned house as far as winning various international accolades are concerned, because they both address the sides of Christmas that many of us choose to ignore but should address in order for everyone to profit from the holiday season. And for that, hats off to the people who really made views, including the author of the Files tear up. You’ve just made the Files’ list of Genres for people to have a look at- and right in time for the holidays! 🙂


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