Genre of the Week: How to Bring Family Home for Christmas


What would it take to bring everyone home for Christmas? What would you do to make it happen? How far would you go in order to bring home everyone you love so that you can see them again? And tell them that you love them?

I remember back in 2007, when my grandma died, we were in the process of planning our trip to the States for Christmas and we had booked our tickets when I got the bad news from my father on the telephone. We had last celebrated with her in 1998 but I remembered all of the festivities she had at her place- and especially her food.  Her passing was even a bigger incentive for us to fly over and see the family again. And the celebration was the grandest: many people, lots of memories and a very loving atmosphere. ❤ Christmas for me is having family and friends with, to have the best times together, do the craziest things you did in your childhood, and sharing a lot of memories of the past and things for the future. It does not matter how much money you earn or how many gifts you receive. It is the people you love that count the most. 🙂

And this takes us to this week’s special genre and the man’s attempt to bring his children home for the holidays. The man in his 80s was celebrating Christmas all by himself, because his children were away. He was a widower, having lost his wife earlier, but the notion of not seeing his children over the holidays- again- was too much to bear. Therefore, he does the unthinkable by “being dead,” and see what happens as you watch the ad:

The advertisement has received mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike. It does represent gloominess and sadness, all of which belong to the category of loneliness. Many people in this world spend their Christmases alone with no one to share the holidays with. Part of that has to do with not having any family near them, or even friends. This was something that the German grocery store chain EDEKA and its advertising agency Jung von Matt were addressing in this clip. Their main theme is family and the importance of having them for Christmas, although the idea behind it may be a bit unorthodox at first. But when watching it, it does hit home for the viewer, as sometimes watching something like this brings back memories of the times together at Christmas with the loved ones.

For those who think that Christmas is nothing more than just presents and “happy-happy-joy-joy,” then I would suggest having a look at the other side of Christmas and ask yourselves, is this the Christmas you or someone you know want- the one who is lonely. If not, try something to make the person happy.  Every bit of kindness makes a big difference, big and small.

And while other ads have been receiving many accolades, including one to be presented soon, this one will definitely outclick the competition before the holidays because of its geniuness and the way the theme is addressed without having to market the products directly. It has already received the Files’ seal of approval and it is hoped that other countries will air that on TV and online soon, so that the issue of Christmas and family are addressed.

And with that, I would like to close with a quote: Christmas means fun, friends, and family; It means laughter and love; It also means its richness- richness in our own hearts when we are thankful with who we have and not what we have.

Think about it. 🙂 ❤

merry christmas

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