Genre of the Week: Engel zu Fuss


Life is a given right. How you earn your keep in it depends on how you handle other people and things. It does not have to be individual success per se. Sometimes that is a sign of selfishness. Yet it has to do with how you contribute to the right cause. And if there is a rule of thumb, no matter how big or small, a good deed always erases a bad one.

This is the theme in this Genre of the Week film entitled “Engel zu Fuss,” known in English as Waltraut and Kuno. Created by Jakob Schuh and produced in 2007, the plot of the film, which is six minutes long, is an angel (Waltraut) loses her wings in a free fall onto Earth. No matter how she tried to fly again- whether it was with a baloon or cannon- she ended up on the ground until she realized that the only way up is to work her way up- in a circus. And the people working there, in particular Kuno, realized that and thus integrated her into their family, working together and becoming successful until one event during a performance resulted in her earning her wings. Do you know when it happened, especially after watching the film here? 

Open for the general audience, the film made its debut in a Siebenstein TV episode in the German TV station KIKA in 2007, with the story being narrated by Henriette Heinze, who plays the main character owning a small shop and enjoys her company with Rudi the black bird and Koffer the briefcase. But even without the narration, by looking at the film, one can choose many themes that are worth thinking about, let alone sharing in class. What was mentioned at the beginning of the article, life and people and how they are treated by us, is one of them.

Another is the question of kindness. When was the last time you have done something for someone and why did you do this? If it has been a long time since you last did something good for others, have a look at this film and think about what you can do for someone who needs it. After all, the person you are concerned about, is disgruntled and poor and all that person needs is some good company and friendship. A good meal, cup of coffee and a good hug definitely makes a big difference. 🙂

Think about it, a good deed always erases a bad one, and in the end, you and the ones you are helping will benefit. 🙂 ❤

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