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In connection with the Files’ five year anniversary and as a counterpart to another set of awards presented by the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, this year marks the first time where we feature Flensburg’s Top Five. Between now and January 6th, you can submit your entries in the following five categories: Best Places to Visit, Best Photo, Best Writing Piece, Best Architectural Folly and Best Sports Folly. More information on how to submit your entry can be found here.  In addition, the Files will feature its Top Five of the articles written since the column’s launch, as well as the top five Christmas markets visited by the author, which, together with the five categories, will be voted on in January this year. The winners will be announced on January 30, 2016 on the Files. To enter your condidate(s), please use the contact form and submit your entries before January 6, 2016:

Here are some entries that have been submitted so far:


Muffed Punt: It is bad enough to have the ball be snapped over the head of a punter in American football, let alone in a losing game. But in the final seconds of the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game, the punter realized that it can be much worse when leading by a few points only to lose the game to the opponent. More here.

Blocked Field Goal: Not far behind and not as drammatic as the muffed punt in Michigan is the blocked field goal by Georgia Tech, which was supposed to lose to Florida State, but in the final seconds, pulled off a David vs. Goliath feat. Watch this clip.

Kickers slip and lose: In the 2015 Semi-finals of the German Cup (DFB Pokal), Bayern Munich, heavily favored to win against Borussia Dortmund, was supposed to win the match handily. Yet, they did not and were eliminated because of this.


Berlin-Brandenburg: Touted as the second largest airport in Germany, the airport was supposed to open in 2007 and cost $4 billion. The cost has just doubled and it is planned for the ariport to be open by 2020. Why? More here as there are enough problems to give every single Berliner the biggest migrane headeache of the century.

Fehmarn Tunnel and Freeway: Another thorn in the side of Germany is the planned freeway through the island of Fehmarn in Schleswig-Holstein, featuring a tunnel connecting Puttgarden and Rodby and two bridges to replace the Fehmarn Bridge on the south end. This has been met with resounding protest despite government officials ignoring the negative effects of the freeway. More here.

BEST WRITING PIECE (t denotes throwback):

The Drive

The Beach of Solitude (t)

Copenhagenization (t)

Don’t Break from the Past, Learn from It (t)

Oh Look! A shink Euro Bill (t)

Your Grandma Doesn’t Wiki (t)

The Use of the F-word

How to say Tschüß in English

The Pursuit of the Truth

Harvester’s Cross

More to come. Looking forward to your entries in the respective categories! 🙂

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