Harvester’s Cross


This Genre of the Week goes away from profiling the works of others but provides the reader with a little food for thought about Thanksgiving and the Lord’s blessing what has been planted and harvested- from the author’s point of view. This is inspired by a creative work of art done by the author’s daughter, seen in the picture above. The motive behind the Harvester’s Cross is below:

Life’s a given

But in it and with it we must toil.

Its seeds are given

So we must sow them in its rich soil.

Its water is given

To nourish them so they can grow.

Its sun is given

So the green can follow,

And out of the soil they fly

Reaching toward the big blue sky

And in Holy wonder, they make us cry….

Life’s a given

But in it, we must not rest,

For its tools are now given

So that we can now harvest.

Its food is now given

But the work we must bear,

For its table’s been given,

And the food we must prepare:

All the pumpkins and squash

And corn and beans

And tomatoes and potatoes

And peppers and gehrkins

All the apples and oranges

And cherries and berries

And grapes and pears

All we must prepare…..

And the turkeys and chickens

And the cows and pigs

To round up and cut up,

To dress up and eat up….

To serve our fellows

With happiness and sorrow


To give to others

Who are not rich but poor,

Who stand in front of our doors

And for their children, they wish for more.

Life’s a given.

It’s the time of harvest.

Its feast’s a given

At our beloved nest.

Its love’s a given

From above the Almighty.

Our food and our people, He truly blessed,

And thanks us for how we progressed

And presents us with His Harvester’s Cross

To show us that we are the boss

Of His Earth He created

Of our Earth we worked

For the good of the land

And for the good of His People.

We toil in its soil

And bear fruit for others,

So that they too can enjoy.


five years flfi


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