Genre of the Week: Einstein’s Creativity

Albert Einstein. When we think of Germany, we think of this person from Ulm who immigrated to the US and was the brains behind the atomic bomb.  We also think of him as a teacher of physics and philosophy, especially after a recent Time magazine article on his stance regarding assisted suicide (Click here for details). But we also know him for his quotes, especially when it comes to our minds and creativity. This quote, discovered while teaching English for the German military most recently, comes straight from him:

einstein quote

In English: Fantasy is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited.

This quote reminds me of a book most recently published on creative intelligence, where the author argued that a person’s creativity enables him to better solve problems than those who learn by the book and are restricted in their thinking. We’re living in a society where creativity has become less valued and the importance of learning through books and other means is becoming more and more stressed; especially in America, where the education system has been based on testing and core requirements, rather than teaching children how to be creative in their talents and their lives while growing up. No matter how much knowledge we accrue in life, it does not reflect on our real abilities to find creative ways to succeed. This means having vast amounts of knowledge is useful, but is not necessary. What is necessary is how we ourselves find ways to survive using our own ideas and methods to carry them out.

So keep this quote in mind and let our minds run freely, shall we? After all, all things we do come from the heart and not just the head. 😉

five years flfi


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