Bloodmoon in Germany

Photo taken on the morning of 28 September, 2015
Photo taken on the morning of 28 September, 2015

FlFi Newsflyer Logo newBERLIN- Millions of people in Europe and the US took advantage of a once in a lifetime event this morning, as the moon became the Earth’s shadow for one and a half hours. From 4:11am to 5:27am Berlin time, the moon went from its usual white color to several shades of red, resembling the planet Mars, but many tout this as the Bloodmoon. For Germany, this total lunar eclipse was the first in 33 years. Furthermore, the moon orbited as close to Earth as never before- 30,000 kilometers- making it bigger than usual. The last time this happened without the eclipse, was in Spring 2011. Lastly at 6:00pm Sunday evening, the moon rose presenting its fall color of yellow and orange, touting it as the Harvest Moon (Erntemond in German).  Astronomers, photographers and many interested people took advantage of this opportunity to see the moon in its unusual form. The author did the same himself, and pictures of the event can be seen here through the Files’ facebook page.  Expect to see this phenomenon happen again in the year 2574. By that time, we’ll have soldiers of the Battlestar Galactica and spaceships being part of our lives, instead of autos and trams. 😉

For Germany and Europe, this year can be considered the year of the eclipse. Back in May, people witnessed the total solar eclipse (photos of that are also in the Files’ facebook page). With this total lunar eclipse, this marks a once in a lifetime event that will happen again much later than 2574. However, if you are like the author, who photographed the moon up close on those two occasions, then you just got yourselves two wishes to make that will change your lives forever, at least that is what the old saying goes. So if you kissed the moon, start wishing. Yet be careful of what you wish for- you may get it sooner than you think. 😉

Note: People wishing to add photos to the Files’ facebook page are free to do so. Just post your photo here, including your name and where this was taken.

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