Germany Quiz Nr. 6: The Answers to the Questions about Brandenburg

Trabant cars lining up to cross the Glienicke Bridge at Potsdam on 9 November, 1989. Photo taken by Gavin Stewart. Link:

After looking through the questions about the State of Brandenburg, you are probably curious about the answers, let alone some more information on the state so that you can plan your next trip. Without further ado, here are the answers to the quiz:

1. Which city is the capital of Brandenburg?

a. Potsdam    b. Burg      c. Brandenburg/Havel     d. Neubrandenburg    e. Frankfurt

ANS: Potsdam


2. Rank the following cities from most populated to least populated. 

Bernau     Rathenow   Prenzlau   Neuruppin   Frankfurt   Cottbus   Werder    Senftenberg    Brandenburg/Havel     Eberswald   Falkensee   Potsdam   Görlitz   Oranienburg     Schwedt

ANS: Potsdam (1), Cottbus (2), Brandenburg/Havel (3), Frankfurt/Oder (4), Görlitz (5), Oranienburg (6), Falkensee (7), Eberswald (8), Bernau (9), Schwedt (10), Neuruppin (11), Senftenberg (12), Rathenow (13), Werder (14), Prenzlau (15)


3. Apart from German, which language is also spoken in Brandenburg? (Hint: Cottbus is known as Chosébuz; Lausitz means Luzyca)

a. Czech     b. Polish     c. Hungarian     d. Danish     e. Sorbian    f. Slovakian

ANS: Sorbian


4. Which states border Brandenburg? Mark all that apply.

Lower Saxony      Mecklenburg-Pommerania     Thuringia    Saxony    Hesse      Saxony-Anhalt    Schleswig-Holstein    Berlin     Hamburg

ANS: Saxony, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt. PLUS Brandenburg borders neighboring Poland, the only German state to share that border along the Oder/Neisse River.


5. How many districts and independent cities exist in Brandenburg?

ANS: Four independent cities and 13 districts exist in Brandenburg


6. Which rivers are NOT found in Brandenburg? Mark all that apply.

Elbe    Elster    Spree   Havel    Saale    Ucker     Trave     Oder     Neisse

ANS: The Elster, Saale and Trave cannot be found in Brandenburg. The Oder and Neisse share the same river bordering Germany and Poland.


7. Before 1947, the state of Brandenburg was once known as the Margraviate, going by the name of   ___________ Brandenburg.

ANS: Mark Brandenburg

a. Marge    b. Jim    c. Marcus    d. Ulla    e. Mark    f. Maik   g. Mork   h. Paul


8. In reference to this Margraviate, the kingdom goes as far back as which century?

a. 10th   b. 12th   c. 16th   d. 18th   e. 19th

ANS: 12th Century. More on its history here.


9. Berlin is part of the state of Brandenburg. True or False?

ANS: False, Berlin is an independent city-state, and like Washington DC, it’s the capital of Germany.


10. A German women’s soccer team is the only team from Brandenburg that is in the premier league of a sport. True or False?

ANS: True. Turbine Potsdam competes in the German women’s Bundesliga soccer league, having won six championships during the Cold War era, plus another six regular league titles, three German Cups, five Hallenpokal Championships and two Champions League titles- all since 2003. Website available here.


11. The origin of Frankfurt is Vrankenforde and applies to this city on the Oder River as well as the city on the River Main in Hesse. True or false?

ANS: False. The city on the Main was originally named Frankonfurd. Vrankenforde is in reference to the city on the River Oder.


12. Jim Brandenburg, a world-renowned nature photographer from Minnesota, once visited and photographed the flora and fauna in the state of Brandenburg. True or false?

ANS: False. Although most of his works originate and deal with nature and life in the Midwest, including in and around Luverne, he would fall in love with Brandenburg and its natural settings. Have you thought of a photo tour of the state, Sir Brandenburg? 🙂  Link to his website is here.


13. The German motion picture studios, where most of the films are made, can be found in Brandenburg. True or false? Name the city where you will find most of the action.

ANS: True. You’ll find the German version of Hollywood in Babelsberg, located near Potsdam and Berlin.


14. The annual Festival of Lights, where the castle and the grounds are lit up and musical concerts draw in a crowd of 40,000 visitors, is held at the Sanssouci Palace, which is located in this city?

ANS: Potsdam.


15. The Brandenburger Klostersommer festival, which takes place every June and July, features music, art exhibits and other events taking place in which churches in Brandenburg? Name two of them.

ANS: St. Johannes, St. Pauli, St. Gotthardt and Brandenburger Dom Cathedral. The Plaue Castle, former garment factory and along the Havel are the other venues.


16. Which of the local beers will you find in Brandenburg?

a. Beck’s     b. Wusterhausen    c. Kneipe Pur   d. Potsdamer Weise   e. Red Elephant

ANS: c. Click on the answer and you’ll be led to the website.


17. Brandenburg is famous for its pickles, which can be found in this region? (Hint, this region has been declared a biosphere and listed by UNESCO since 1990).

ANS: Spreewald located in the area of Cottbus


18. During the days of Communism, Brandenburg was dependent on two key commodities, one of which is still in use today.  Choose from the list below:

Mining   Tobacco   Agriculture   Fishing   Nuclear Power   Tourism

ANS: Mining and Agriculture. In particular, in southeastern Brandenburg, lignite was mined, which was used to produce energy. The rest of the state relied on agriculture until 1990.


19. Which of the lakes in Brandenburg is the largest and where is it located?

Schwielochsee, located between Lübbenau and Frankfurt/Oder on the northeastern end of Spreewald. More info here.


20. There are 82 castles and palaces in the state of Brandenburg. Identify the following below:

a. Altogether (2 of them)

b. Potsdam (3 of them but NOT counting Sanssouci)

c. Spreewald (1)

d. Elbe/Elster District (2 of them)

ANS: You’ll find the answers here.


21. How many churches will you find in Brandenburg with the exception of Potsdam and Cottbus?  Estimate your numbers in tens. 

ANS: 250. Another 18 (recorded) if the two cities are added.


22. Which bridge in Brandenburg is famous for its spy exchange during the Cold War? (Note: It is one of many that existed along the Berlin Wall before 1989 and is still in use today).

ANS: Glienicke Bridge bordering Potsdam and Berlin. More info here.


23. Which city has the highest number of bridges?

a. Potsdam  b. Brandenburg  c. Cottbus   d. Frankfurt   e. Görlitz   f. Prenzlau

ANS: b. Brandenburg has over 60 bridges, edging Potsdam in numbers. A guide to the most important bridges you can find here (in German).


24. The Glienicke Bridge in Potsdam and the Seegarten Bridge in Brandenburg/Havel are the only two cantilever bridges left in the state that carry the same truss design. True or False?

ANS: True. Despite the latter bring replaced with a replica in 2007, both bridges carry a cantilever Warren truss design.


25. Name two existing bridges along the Oder that are older than 75 years

ANS: Görlitz Viaduct, Himmelsbrücke at Zittau, Railroad Bridge at Zittau,  Hirschfelde Bridge and Dam, Railroad Bridge at Gross Neuersdorf, Forst Railroad Bridge, Railroad Bridge at Schwedt, Neisse River Bridge at Rosenthal, Alte Brücke at Bad Muskau. There are probably more but these are the most notable ones…..

There are some links to some more places you should see while in the state. Apart from what is highlighted, check out these links which will provide you with some useful information.



Brandenburg, together with Mecklenburg-Pommerania, has one of the widest variety of landscapes in the region, ranging from mountains and forests in the south to lakes in the north. One needs to devote some time to visiting the state and its numerous churches, castles and historic city centers. So when planning for the next cross country trip, try this state.


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