Umweltzone (Environmental Zone)


Before we go into another topic on the environment in the classroom, I decided to throw out a question for you to answer. In every German city, including Ulm, where I photographed this picture, we have signs like these popping up on the streets before entering the city center: the “Umweltzone” signs with a color-coded symbol indicating what is “frei” (allowed) and what is not. Sometimes these signs are accompanied with a bike and pedestrian trail sign, indicating a trail running alongside the streets. The Flensburg Files Frage für das Forum is: What does the Umwelt sign stand for, including the color-coded signs? What other signs have you seen that are similar/ in connection with this topic?

Place your comments, photos and suggestions here or in the comment section in the Files’ facebook page. The answer will come very soon. Happy Guessing! 🙂

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One thought on “Umweltzone (Environmental Zone)

  1. It is to keep cars out of the city that are to poluting. I myself have a green one: I can enter the city center; those with a yellow one can only enter the edge (ring around) of the city, those with a red one must completely stay out of the city and its surruoundings marked by these signs. And if you ignore it; they fine you a fee of 80€ I think, second time something higher or severe (400€ or impounding of your car.. must look that one up!)


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